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Autographics® is a leading Jordanian company, founded in 1986, by the influential Arabic visionary Dr.Mahmoud Hassan. Autographics was founded in order to address the increasing demand of Information Technology (IT) solutions in Jordan and other Middle Eastern countries.
The primary Goal of Autographics® is to deliver new cutting edge technologies to the market either by integrating solutions from the best IT vendors in the world or by creating novel specialized systems to cope with the ever changing needs of our clients.
Coping with market changes Autographics provided a vast variety of products and solutions. In the late 80’s and early 90’s it provided “Al Maha™”, the first Arabized bilingual terminals in the Arabic world. Al Maha screens were a revaluation at that time, it allowed governmental and corporate users to have a fully Arabized computers which they used to input and view Arabic data with ease.
In the early 90’s the market of Personal Computers (PC) was growing rapidly, Autographics® foreseen this as an opportunity and invested heavily in Arabic software targeting the PC users. AutoNics™ was the first and most successful Autographics project targeting MS Windows™ 2.0; it provided easy to use GUI Archiving and Document Management functionality to a wide range of customers. The bilingual interface (Arabic, English) allowed the user to scan, index and store documents in either language with the click of a mouse.
In the mid 90’s AutoNics™ continued to evolve with increased functionality and was later named MagicFile™. In 1995 Microsoft launched Windows 95 and Windows NT which took the PC technology to a higher level. Fully distributed software applications were now possible on the affordable PC after being dominated by complicated and expensive UNIX and Novel system for years.
With the availability of this technology Autographics released VisionFile™, an advanced distributed Document Management and imaging system which this allows hundreds of corporate users to access and share digital documents stored on a secure jukebox simultaneously.
VisionFile™ benefited from years of feedback and experience accumulated which resulted in making it the preferable choose for Document Management in the Jordanian market.
Now, the current focus for Autographics now is closing the gap between traditional desktop application and web based applications; recently we provided a sophisticated web based Content Management running on IBM AIX servers for a high end governmental institute.
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